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Javascript Prototypes

·3 mins
JavaScript has many factors that leads to confusion when one starts to learn it. Maybe the biggest offender is is defining prototypal inheritance. The confusion is that it is very close to classical inheritance, but could be described as rather being delegation than inheritance.

Setting Up a Custom Server for Your Next.js Application

·3 mins
Need more control over your Next.js application’s server? You might be thinking about a custom server setup. This blog post guides you through the setup process, helping you understand when it’s beneficial to break free from Next.js’s out-of-the-box server. But beware - with great power comes great responsibility. Discover the trade-offs and potential pitfalls before diving in.


·5 mins
Data structure and algorithm templates


How to set up asdf on MacOs

·2 mins
Managing multiple languages can be a pain. Learn how to set up asdf and manage them from one tool.