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Fairest Framework

·2 mins
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The Fairest Framework #

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Who’s the fairest of them all?

You may have asked yourself as similar question when choosing a front end framework for your next project or business venture. Recently I was caught thinking something along the lines of:

Should I use Svelte? It was just rated the most loved. Or Vue.js perhaps? I used at my last job. But, eveyone’s using React now…

And they cycle continuess ad nauseam. So in an idecisive manner I decided to use them all. Well, not ALL of them, but the poigant ones. In this first pass I took a look at React, Vue.js, Svelte, Angular and good ole’ Vanilla JS.

NOTE: Before I continue, yes I am aware React is a library and JS isn’t a framework, etc. I am using framework in the sense that, when you build a UI you end up pick just one of theses tools.

I hope to be able to provide an answer or a guide (dare I say framework) for those who looking to solve this conundrum.

Methodology #

To have consistancy I will create the same todo app with each framework, and allows for basic state managment. The will give a pros & cons and rating based on different dimensions.

Based on Daniel Khanimans procedure in ’thinking fast and slow’. 6 dimensions independent as possible on a scale of 1-5. This should be able to give a some what accurate representation.

Factors I am looking at are: Learning Curve. Resources (Documentation, Community). Performance. Development speed. Practical Business Use. Enjoyability.

Results #

Ease of Learning52314
Documentation, Community, Resources54.5332
Development Speed34425
Scalablity / Real Business use?15352